Surfaceink and Qualcomm Partner Up


Surfaceink and Qualcomm are teaming up to design products that will use the Snapdragon Wear 1100 for wearable and IOT devices.  Surfaceink has developed a reputation for being a leader in product development and design over the years and a partnership to develop products including the new 1100 makes sense.   The wearable tech market is expected to rise to $34 billion by 2020 (Forbes, 2016) and Surfaceink is

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Surfaceink featured in SJEconomy


Surfaceink was recently featured in a post by SJEconomy, an organization focused on helping companies in San Jose grow.  SJEconomy recently sat down with Eric Bauswell to discuss some of the great things Surfaceink is doing.  Eric mentioned:

“There’s a million different decisions that go into a good product,” says Eric Bauswell, the company’s 45-year-old founder, on a recent tour of his offices – a brightly colored space with exposed brick walls, a refrigerator-sized 3D printer and a spacious prototyping room. The firm works with startups and Fortune 100 behemoths alike on design, R&D, proof-of-concept, and full-cycle product development – right up to mass production.

One recent example SurfaceInk worked on: The LuDela “smart” candle, whose website describes “technology-enabled candlelight fixtures that allow users to instantly ignite, extinguish and control multiple real-flame candles with the touch of a button on our free smartphone app.”

“It’s magical,” Bauswell said. “You’re like a magician pushing a button and fire happens. You watch someone do it, and you get hat eye popping, what-just-happened look.”


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